Red Tailed Shark & Other Tails

When I was younger the entire family made an exciting journey to Animal Ark.  We stood in front of the dozens of tanks that filled the entire wall and each choose a fish for the newly established family aquarium.  I got a red tailed shark and we enjoyed a rather full aquarium until they all passed on to a watery grave one at a time.   

Later my younger sister and I kept a fish tank in our bed room and would turn on the florescent lights of the tank and sit on our beds listening to the Deep Forrest CD and watching our myriad of goldfish.  The actually cleaning of the fish tank was what eventually did us in.  

Last night I spoke at a Young Women's meeting, and was given two of the fish that were purchased for the center pieces.  I brought them home, not realizing that they were probably having a hard time with the chlorine, water temp, etc.  The smaller one perished in a jar on my kitchen table.  

This morning Kip and I went to Wal-mart, left quickly, went to Animal Ark, and purchased a one gallon bowl, two gold fish, food, etc., and a small $1 castle.  I always wanted a castle.  We assembled everything and after a few traumatic moments (dead fish in toilet, almost dead but still alive fish getting dropped in the sink, etc.) we're able to get all three fish in.  It's still a little cliquish, and I've been asking the two larger, better looking, stronger fish to please go talk to this third little guy who has just been through a great loss.  Names pending.