My Mother~In~Law

A few minutes ago I got off a telephone call with Karen, my mother-in-law.  We had a great talk and spent nearly an hour and a half discussing, laughing, and sharing thoughts.  I appreciate her.  There are many things I enjoy and admire, some of which are...

~ She's funny, and loves a good laugh.

~ She likes Cheerios (Perhaps I should put love in there, too).

~ She is a doer!  When something needs to be done, she doesn't wait for the calvary, she just does it.  (Sometimes she needs to wait for the calvery...wink, wink.)

~ She has great affection for her family & friends, and loves to tell stories about them.

~ She signs everything, "Jomama"

~ She loves to read, and I knew I would like her as soon as I saw "Mrs. Mike" on her bookshelf.

~ The first time I met her I was in her apartment with Kip waiting for her to return home from wal-mart.  She came through the door, and excitedly said, "Oh, you're so pretty!" and then spilled her diet coke (or is it pepsie?) all over the floor.  We had a good laugh.

~ She likes to point out "Heavenly Father things" and recognize his had in her life.

~ Paperwork and Red Tape don't stop her at all.  She plows right through it.  I greatly admire this ability.

~ She raised a wonderful son.

Thanks, Karen/Jo, for who you are.  


Joanne said...

She sounds like the perfect mother-in-law! Glad you have such a great relationship with her.

My Life As A Single said...

Wow, you make me sound "saintly!" Wish it were true. (I did have a good smile at "wait[ing] for the Cavalry..." and you know from whence I speak.) And, I LOVE you too! Jo

Ro Ro Riot said...

This was a fun profile. I like your mother-in-law too.

Sally said...

Karen is awesome and she did raise an awesome son!! She deserves all that praise and more I'm sure.